January 29, 2018 Thomas Hedberg

Why Construct a New Cell Phone Tower?

Cell tower companies have a specific purpose and vision for every cell tower they erect. A majority of the time spent during tower development is figuring out how to best meet the needs of customers or clients. But in what ways could building a cell tower improve a customer’s service?

  • Signal Strength/Coverage
    Radio Frequency (RF) Engineers will determine where there are higher rates of service interruption or lack of service, which informs them where they need a new cell tower to eliminate the dead spot.
  • Data Usage Capacity
    With ever-increasing demand for wireless connectivity, streaming video and multiple devices, there needs to be a proper number of cell towers to keep up with this demand. Many new cell tower locations are found and cell phone towers are constructed to meet growing data needs.
  • Call Clarity & Network Speed
    If a cell phone company’s customers can’t make calls or get onto the internet, it would not be in business very long.

What Types of Properties Are Used?


Commercial buildings, municipal structures and other suitable facilities with flat roof tops or other available sites located in urban and industrial areas are targeted by wireless carriers. Typically at least 40 feet tall, these buildings must typically meet certain setback and structural criteria.

Ground Space

The primary focus of wireless providers and tower companies is leasing ground space in both urban and rural areas. Cell phone carriers are generally looking for locations that are at least 1,500 square feet large.


Cell phone carriers are always working to improve service to their customers, and reviewing new areas for expansion of service. As needs are determined and the carriers receive the budget required, cell tower sites are developed and constructed. Technology dependent on wireless signals will continue to grow, meaning there will be an ever-present need for faster, broader networks and towers that can facilitate the increased demand.

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