March 29, 2018 Thomas Hedberg

8 Benefits of a Properly Designed Radome

Whether it is being used for communication, air traffic control, weather monitoring, or surveillance, an antenna system is a precision instrument, and will not survive if left exposed to the environment year-round.

A radome is an electromagnetically transparent structure that houses an antenna. They prevent the antenna from being damaged by the environment, including ice, wind, snow, rain, salt, sand, the sun, and even lightning. It can also be used to conceal the antenna, when this is critical for security.

Here are just 8 of the benefits that a properly designed radome from Penn-Tech International, Inc.:

  1. Preserves critical system alignments, thus ensuring predictability, repeatability, consistency and reliability
  2. Improves pointing and tracking accuracy
  3. Reduces operating and maintenance costs
  4. Reduces antenna and pedestal costs, as they will be housed in a zero-wind environment
  5. Minimizes system downtime
  6. Extends system and component life
  7. Provides concealment during system upgrades (for those concerned with security)
  8. Allows radar equipment operation in all weather conditions

Learn more about Penn-Tech International radome installation, maintenance, and removal services.

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Thomas Hedberg

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