Twist, Plumb and Tension Reporting Software

The program provides a user friendly, consistent method of recording and reporting the twist, plumb and tension of guyed towers with three (3) faces. The program is designed to be used by owners of the Penn-Tech Tension Meters and is based on the requirements of TIA-222.

Calibration data for each Tension Meter is provided by Penn-Tech. The calibration data is input by GTS into the program. This makes the program specific to the Penn-Tech Tension Meter being used in the field.


TPT Contractor© will handle:

  • 12 levels of guys, with or without torque arms
  • 3 rings of guy foundations at different elevations and distances from the tower
  • 22 different cable sizes and types
  • Twist and Plumb Measurements by either Angular or % of Leg Measurement Methods
  • The software only handles towers with 3 faces.

TPT Contractor© provides:

  • Twist and Plumb Report in accordance with TIA-222
  • Recommended dial reading for Tension Measurements based on tower geometry and temperature at time of measurement
  • Screen Shots with all tension data for each cable on the tower
  • Tension Report in accordance with TIA-222
  • Plan View at each guy level with cable tensions, twist & plumb measurements to assist field crew to better understand how to adjust the tower to correct out-of-tolerance measurements
  • Form for tension measurements without tower data

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